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Damaged wall, exposed burst water pipes, sponge and bucket

Water damage

If you have a wet basement or have water damage in your home due to a flood, moisture intrusion or plumbing issues. This should be taken care of as soon as possible to stop hazards in the structure of the home and damage your furniture, which can lead to the growth of hazardous Mold within 24-48 hours.

Question you may have about our water damage service

Plumbing inside a home can break open, causing flooding and water damage. Here are four principal causes of burst pipes:

  • Water Pressure –  An increase in water pressure can cause a pipe to burst because it cannot withstand stress beyond a specific level.

  • Frozen Pipes – When the water inside a pipe freezes, it expands, builds pressure, and causes the pipe to burst.

  • Corrosion – Although pipes are made to last for a long time, years of slow-building corrosion or a pH imbalance in the water over time may cause a pipe to burst.

  • Moving Pipes – If water pipes are not correctly installed, they tend to sway or slightly move around inside the walls. This gradually weakens the joints in the pipe and causes it to fail. 

There are three basic “types” of water damage, based on the level of contamination. 1-Category 1 (Clean Water): from a damaged pipe or hose.

2-Category 2 (Greywater): this is from an overflowing washing machine or dishwasher or sump-pump failure.

3-Category 3 (Black Water): sewage and all flooding where the water comes into the home from the outside. This water is grossly contaminated. No porous materials damaged by such water can be saved. Such a loss may involve some demolition of drywall that has been contaminated.

Most homeowners assume that their home insurance policy would provide adequate coverage for any flooding or water damage. Basement flooding due to a broken appliance, freezing pipe burst, and leaking water heater is generally covered under a policy. However, it helps to know that there are a few types of home flooding that are not included in a typical home insurance policy. Similarly, although homeowner’s insurance plans offer coverage for basement flooding in some circumstances, it mostly depends on the source of the damage.

Contact a water-damage restoration company, such as Alesca Restoration Services, as soon as possible. Don’t wait, as water can cause mold and damage to the wood, walls, and carpet in your home. Then, contact your insurance company to start the claim process. If safe, shut off the utilities in your home to avoid further damage. Don’t enter your home if it has suffered structural damage. Don’t walk through floodwater if electricity hasn’t been turned off and avoid contaminants.

If there is extensive damage it will not be possible to occupy the structure. However, every situation is different.

DO NOT turn the equipment off. The drying process is most effective and most efficient when the equipment is allowed to run 24 hours every day. This will allow Alesca to complete the job as quickly as possible and then all equipment will be removed.

Water damage
Ceiling and walls damage by humidity

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