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Burned house interior after fire room inside of damaged apartment after burned

Fire and Smoke Damage

If your home has been damaged by fire, it’s essential to have professional smoke and fire damage restoration services as soon as possible. Alesca Restoration has Professional experience in residential smoke and Fire damage Restoration.

Question you may have about our fire and smoke service

You can use sand or dirt to put out small fires. Never use water on an oil fire, because water will evaporate and carry burning grease particles. Never use water on an electrical fire, because water will conduct electricity and deliver a potentially deadly shock. Before attempting to put out an electrical fire, dry your hands and shut off the breaker if it’s not too close to the fire. Baking soda makes an effective extinguishing agent for grease fires. For small grease fires, use a metal pot lid to cover any remaining grease that hasn’t caught fire. Never use glass, glass will explode into dangerous fragments if it gets too hot. Also, never try to move a burning object outside before extinguishing the fire or you risk spreading the fire.

It’s best to wait for the restoration technicians to arrive. They have the proper equipment, products, and resources to safely restore your building materials and items. What you can do to aid the restoration process is set items aside that must be restored first, such as electronics. This allows us to be more efficient during the recovery process.

No. We ask that you please leave the HVAC unit off until it has been inspected by one of our technicians. Without even knowing, fire damage may have affected the unit and turning it on can lead to spreading soot particles throughout the property. Please wait until we have inspected and approved the unit for use.

In most cases, the contents will be restored on-site, but sometimes the property has suffered extensive damage which makes this impossible. If the structure is not stable or does not allow for ideal conditions, we will have your items inventoried, packed, and delivered to our climate-controlled facility for proper restoration.

If any high-value items require specialized restoration, we will contact the help of a local specialist. 

Fires are mainly caused from dried leaves, faulty electrical wiring or equipment, unattended stoves and ovens, unattended candles, children playing with fire, flammable liquids, and careless smoking.

Yes. Exposure to any smoke can irritate the eyes and cause breathing and other health issues. With a modern fire many synthetic materials will be burnt – they produce hazardous and toxic materials that should be cleaned by trained professionals.

Interior of a home damaged wall after a fire in a wooden house
Burnt wooden walls house with charred roof burnt fire damaged interior details

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